This route passes almost all parts of NP Durmitor, a couple of peaks, hillside, canyon, authentic Durmitor villages, forests, lakes, deep down to the Piva, look at all sides of the world, and with the length of 100km, the height difference is 2700m, which makes this tour one of the most difficult Montenegrin ones. However, the price is valuable – the nature itself, the view, the air, the purity, the inaccessibility, the freedom!

The beginning of the road leads through village of Pitomine.

Continuation of the journey through the attractive part of Veliki Stuoc where the altitude is above 2050 meters. Stopping to view and photograph the area of the Tara River Canyon, the deepest in Europe.

This is followed by the village of Montenegro, located on the slopes of the Susica River Canyon. The canyon is walkable only in the summer months, and in late spring when the river forms a periodic lake, which is one of the most beautiful in Durmitor. Continued with multiple breaks for sightseeing and taking photos.

 After the village of Nedajno, the road continues to Trsu, where you can dine at a national restaurant. Namely, you can enjoy Durmitor specialties made of organic and natural ingredients (lamb, kacamak, cicvara, etc.). If you do not want to dine in the restaurant, we can make a picnic in nature. This part of the road passes through the forest, as well as through beautiful pastures, and offers a sweeping view towards the mountains of Piva dominated by Maglic (2386 meters above sea level).

The part following the Trsa is characteristic of the unpainted stratified areas, pastures, numerous flocks of sheep and cows, scattered deep valley and rustic rural roads. Look at the last quarter of the road. The south side of Durmitor, with its valleys, Todorov and Dobri, in a narrow winding path, and a region that almost does not have wood. And in the distance dominates the recognizable Durmitor top of the Sedlo beam and the large “Z” curves beneath it – the famous Sedlo (1900mnv), our last elevation obstacle.

Next we pass a steep path along the unusual peak of Stožina, then through the Pošćenje, along the Savin Kuk – ski resort and numerous huts that have almost “sprouted” around it in recent years, ending our adventure.


120 €

Maximum 4 person


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